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About Us

The Southwest Virginia Alliance for Manufacturing, Inc. is a non-profit organization focused on supporting and strengthening manufacturers in the region. We are made up of a group of manufacturers working with educational institutions, workforce development boards, chambers of commerce, and state organizations to promote manufacturing in our Southwest Virginia region. Our vision is to unite Southwest Virginia manufacturers to strengthen our position as a world-leading region of advanced manufacturing opportunities.

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SVAM Goals:

SVAM operates by the following three goals as outlined in its Articles of Incorporation:

Goal 1

To establish and promote the regional collaborations in support of manufacturing and manufacturing careers as part of an economic development initiative.

Goal 2

To redefine the image of manufacturing with young people and their parents, their educators, the community and policymakers in a manner that increases the number of young adults and other member of the workforce who pursue manufacturing careers.

Goal 3

To close the skills gap for regional manufacturers by aligning educational and workforce training resources with the most pressing demands of area industry.


Southwest Virginia Alliance for Manufacturing