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Mechatronics combines the concepts and practices of mechanical and electrical processes in order to manipulate motorized, hydraulic, and pneumatic machines to perform complex automated functions in an industrial or manufacturing setting. Students develop the skills to assemble, install, test and troubleshoot, calibrate, and service a variety of devices, products and electronic instruments. Coursework also includes collaborative projects in which students form teams with another program area to build a factory, enabling them to apply their skills and knowledge to a simulated work experience. Employment opportunities include entry-level or advanced opportunities at automated manufacturing and computer aided industrial sites. Positions include mechanical, maintenance, electrical, quality, computer, process, and manufacturing technicians. Other job titles may include electronic service technician or industrial electrician. ·Paul D. Camp - AAS Degree in Mechatronics (736) ·Thomas Nelson - Advanced Integrated Manufacturing Technology ·Virginia Western - Mechatronics Systems Engineering Technology ·Virginia Western - Mechatronics Systems Engineering Technology - Design Engineering Technology Specialization ·Virginia Western - Mechatronics Systems Engineering Technology - Electrical Engineering Technology Specialization

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