Resource Webinars

OpX Solutions 
Hosted by: SVAM
Led by: Mike Leigh, President of OpX Solutions  

To succeed in today’s economy, an organization must strive to
continuously improve. With this in mind, it is essential to create
an environment in which everyone pursues a common goal – operational excellence!
Operational excellence is a philosophy where leadership, problem-solving,
employee empowerment and customer focus result in the ongoing improvement
of an organization.
OpX Solutions, based in SW Virginia, helps manufacturers pursue operational
excellence. Based on the premise that an organization needs both strong
leadership and effective processes to achieve operational excellence.

OpX Solutions fromShauna Gillespie onVimeo.


The HEART Project 
Hosted by: SVAM
Led by: Amy Ball Braswell, SVAM Center of Excellence 

The topic of this webinar is the Heart of Appalachian Collaborative Economic
Transition Project, known as “the Heart Project”. This is a new ARC (Appalachian
Regional Commission) funded grant project managed by the SVAM-Center of
Excellence. During the webinar Amy Braswell, the project manager, will present
the Heart Project, its purpose and goals and how businesses in Southwest
Virginia can benefit from this new program.The purpose of the project is to
connect businesses and manufacturers, impacted by the decline in coal industry,
with new opportunities.

Heart Project Webinar fromShauna Gillespie onVimeo.


Hosted by: SVAM
Led by: Aimee McCarthy, GENEDGE 

GENEDGE is the Manufacturing Extension Partner through
the National Institute of Standards and Technology for
the Commonwealth of Virginia. In Southwestern Virginia GENEDGE
is partnered with the Manufacturing Technology Center to provide
programs and services to manufacturing businesses in the region.

GENEDGE Webinar fromShauna Gillespie onVimeo.


The Right Connection at The Right Time 
Hosted by: SVAM
Led by: Marty Holliday, New River/Mount Rogers Workforce Development Board 

The workforce system is comprised of many partners made
up of state and local agencies and organizations. Each one
oversees various programs and services for both businesses
and job seekers.
The New River/Mount Rogers Workforce Development Board is the
“Regional Convener” of the workforce system. We provide easy
access to solutions to meet your workforce needs without causing
you to navigate the bureaucracy of dozens of programs.

The Right Connection at The Right Time Webinar fromMarika Miller onVimeo.